Renowned as a vacation destination with the 2nd busiest airport for international passengers in the U.S., and immortalized by Will Smith’s hit song “Miami” as the city where, “everybody party all day,” you would never assume that there are people who actually live and work in Miami.
Yet, Miami is well inhabited and established beyond its seasonal tourist population.

As home to over 2.5 million people with “rapid and sustained growth” while being one of the youngest major American cities, and exerting an ever-greater presence on American life and culture, Miami is aptly nicknamed the “Magic City.”

So yes… people do live here!


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Art Renaissance

We believe that artists are intrinsically entrepreneurs, and CIC’s ecosystem of innovators is able to provide a place for the creation, presentation, and discussion of art in all of its forms. Art has inherent value in its command of human thought and emotion, and also in the power of the provocative and creative energy that it catalyzes. Not only is CIC creating a space for artists to engage with each other, but it also enables artists to collaborate with entrepreneurs across various disciplines. This is an extension of CIC’s commitment to communal inclusiveness and conscious design. Having a space for artists and artistry will contribute to a more diverse, thought-provoking and interesting space.

However… we can’t do it alone! Check out these other fascinating artistic organizations around the 305: