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Why Miami, You ask? We are bullish on Miami, period.

Why Miami is a collaborative initiative to gather stories, data, resources and contacts of the stakeholders transforming Miami into a world class hub of research, development, innovation and social progress.

Our goal is to feature the many stakeholders working here and to present a more complex narrative of what our city has to offer in hope that it encourages academics, entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, investors and governments to see Miami as part of their launch and growth plans.

Born out of CIC Miami and continuously built by many partners, this project is meant to be dynamic and a work in progress. Although South Florida is still a young region with many challenges ahead, it gathers a robust list of resources – entrepreneurs, universities, foundations, corporations, funding sources, its demographic location and transit patterns – that make it a unique, thriving, and exciting place to be. It is for this reason that CIC Miami chose to expand here from Boston.

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