“Yo soy un inmigrante, nací en Argentina. Viví en varios países y en varias ciudades de Estados Unidos y el momento que llegué a Miami decidimos que este era el lugar para hacer crecer a la familia.  Encontramos la necesidad de una plataforma como Nearpod hace seis años. Ahora, Nearpod ha levantado 32 millones.”

Emiliano Abramzon, Co-Founder


“Miami’s destiny is its geography and Miami ́s destiny is its demography. Those are constants: Location and its mix of people. Our population has grown, it almost tripled in size, a population that incredibly diverse and increasingly foreign born.”

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President



“Miami thought intentionally about who it wanted to be as an entrepreneurial ecosystem before it began building that. In many other cities it just happened, and there is a beauty in that too; but because we planned for that, you have the resources and a network of people who have thought through how to make this entrepreneurial ecosystem really inclusive to all.”

Michelle Abbs, Executive Director


“Folks from San Francisco, Boston, Europe and South America  are moving here, physically moving their families and companies here because they are starting to see the spark of what is going to be a wildfire that takes off across Miami.”

Maurice R. Ferre M.D, CEO and Chairman


“We moved to Miami from Toronto just to open Wyncode. We went from concept to launch in four months. It’s been incredible to see how accessible even the most accomplished people are in this ecosystem. So I think that is really exciting to be a part of and gets us up to come to work every day.”

Johanna Mikkola, Co-Founder



“The deciding factors for Instacart to expand to Miami were the demand we saw based on website hits and app downloads, the size of the market, and the presence of our retail partners here; that coupled with our unstoppable ambition of delivering unmelted ice cream to ‘Miamianos’ in the middle of August, of course.”

Madelyn Montoya, Area Manager



“We see Miami as a true melting pot of innovation that is at the intersection of technology and the life sciences.”

Thomas Osha, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Economic Development



“Miami is being created and built by my peers. I made a great, active group of friends, took on special projects, joined fellowships, and found comfort in seeing Miami’s growth and its thoughtful people. I thought I would have ended up in Silicon Valley, but staying here was good for me.”

Gerby Marks, Director of Analytic Tradecraft



“Miami is already a beacon for entrepreneurs globally, but we still have room for significant growth. We are eager to advance our mission to facilitate greater connectivity within Miami’s burgeoning innovation community, to catalyze new startup and investment activity, and to meaningfully engage diverse and underrepresented groups who historically have not been included in the innovation movement.”

Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Executive Director



“Miami was formed from diversity, organically becoming the point of connection between the hemispheres of the world … but the breaking point to capitalize on its unique folklore as an economic driver is now. En El Ojo was founded to be the audiovisual framework of more stories left to be told.”

Nicolas Cornejo, Founder



“People come here because we have security, we have infrastructure, we have possibility. This place is still being made; it is still being invented; and that’s why it’s one of the most exciting places on Earth”

Alberto Ibarguen, CEO and President Knight Foundation



“We have been lucky to be in Miami at a time when the start-up ecosystem has really started to ramp up. Being a liquid biopsy company that has spun out of the University of Miami, we have deep ties to our cancer researchers and oncologist collaborators as well as our manufacturing partner. However, the one missing piece that made it difficult for life science start-ups like us to thrive or want to stay in Miami, was access to wet lab space in an incubator based setting allowing us to be lean while we build and grow. With the collaboration of CIC with the University of Miami and their vision for the Converge Lab space, they have made it feasible for companies like us to operate on home turf as we grow and continue to work with our collaborators, which would otherwise not have been possible.”

Siddharth Rawal, Co-Founder



“Few cities on earth are like Miami, partly because it is a city representative of the future. It has an incredible diversity of culture, it embraces and promotes technology and social trends that are shaping the world, and while it has a host of challenges not unlike other major cities, it has a growing number of innovative leaders looking to improve it. And the nice weather isn’t so bad either.”

Brent Saiontz, Founder



“The deciding factors for Grubbrr to start in Miami were the access to highly skilled marketing and technical teams, access to brilliant minds in the CIC/Venture Cafe, and the presence of our restaurant partners here; that coupled with Miami being truly a melting pot of different cultures with an international presence while being a small town as well.”

Bhavin Grubbrr, Managing Director




“We decided to launch our aFLoat EV Charging as a Service solution in Miami due to its unique combination of opportunities and challenges. Miami is one of the fastest growing metro-markets for EVs in the country, with an inadequate public charging infrastructure at the same time; its Real Estate industry is booming despite the alarming threat of sea level rise; and its public sector is quickly adapting to demands from society for cleaner and more efficient means of transportation. If we can make it here, we can truly make it anywhere!”

Alejandro Burgana, Founder



“WaterDiam is providing a new generation of water to the world. To achieve its goal and ensure its position and financing, WaterDiam has decided to establish its second office in Miami, our headquarters are in France. Miami was obvious to us: Midway between Europe and most of the US and LATAM, an incredible place to work and live and fast growing startup environment. We have never followed the trends. We could have gone to California or Massachusetts. We chose Miami because we have everything we need: a great working environment and a remarkable quality of life.”

Anthony Ginter, Founder